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CommercialConnect is a comprehensive Cloud-based application, which offers intuitive and easy to use interface for the members of a society. It manages seamlessly all tasks related to facility management, accounting and searching information related to residents. It’s built incrementally in conjunction with various RWA Management teams and Facility Managers to ensure all functionality is covered. It provides an environment to perform activities efficiently and save time and effort. One of the key objectives of CommercialConnect is to generate income for Society by organizing promotional activities by collaborating with Brands and its users.

CommercialConnect will soon be offering a MobileApp to search information or register any complaint related to Facility management. CommercialConnect team provides continuous support and enhancement to the application in order to provide better and more services to its stakeholders.

Why Us

Whats Makes us Unique

  • Building Profit Centre CommercialConnect have unique idea to provide resources for Revenue Generation to help society operation run smoother.
  • No Capex No capital expenditure required in order to use basic version of CommercialConnect. And require very low opex to use premium features of CommercialConnect.
  • Innovative Ideas We have very elaborative roadmap for next 3 years to develop new features and organize workshops with Societies RWA Management and users to take feedback and incorporate that feedback.

Are You Facing These Issues

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  • Having problems with Complain Management within your Society, Call CommercialConnect to track plumbers, carpenters, electricians within the complex.
  • Check out your Balances for Pre Paid Electricity. Connect with CommercialConnect.
  • Planning for vacation…..Why go anywhere when you have your society organizing fun events. Check out the RWA calendar of events.
  • Payment to RWA pending for long, why worry….Use Online Payment Gateway.
  • Electricity disconnected at odd hours, pay online and reinstate electricity immediately.
  • Want to sell old household stuff, put an advert within and outside your complex.
  • Having 2 or more properties? Why worry? Now connect through one login and manage all properties online.
  • No Desktop in hand, use CommercialConnect Mobile App to view your Society Account.

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