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Integrated Society Management System (ISMS)

We aim to deploy a mini ERP within the Society that will act as an ISMS tool to plan and manage any Residential Complex. ISMS implementations provide a major benefit to not only facilitate smooth running of any complex but also generate revenue on its own for the complex. It shall connect and optimize the resources and people in order to get maximum productiveness at most economical cost. As per the Gartner Research: The effective integration of these disciplines ideally operates from a single database with common User Interface (UI), workflow tools, executive dashboards, analytics, integration to various tools and robust predefined and customized reporting capabilities.

Complaint Management

A steady and interactive Complaint Management System using the latest Technology wherein a member can report his/her complains online, generate a complaint Number instantly and then track his/her complain till the time it is settled. Also access reports generated each day with comments from the respective person dealing with the said complaint. Access historical data also of various complains flat wise and month wise.

Online Data of Members

Each condo shall be networked using this feature wherein basic data would be available to each member of the Complex. It will have certain pre determined fields which will have privacy column attached to it which will be used as per the permission granted by the Flat owner.

Self Revenue Generation

RWA could look to augment its own resources with mutual tie ups through CommercialConnect.

Member Login

Each Resident shall be eligible to have his own Login page which will enable him to connect online with his Account details viz-a-viz the RWA, his payment details, his updated statements which he/she may download. Similarly the Member could also post ads for products, book clubs, book any other facilities within the complex and could pay online. He could use his single login to manage multiple properties sitting anywhere in the World.

Ease of Tracking

Billing Module :Available for Admin and for Auto generation of invoices for various services provided.

Income Module: Available for Admin and for Auto generation of Income from Residents/Non residents from different services.

Expense Module: Available for Admin and would tabulate all expenses under various heads of the Complex.

Accounting Module: Preparation of all financial statements including statutory compliances.

Payment Gateways: Available to Admin and Residents. Ease of Payments online. Integration of pre paid metering with online payments.

Notice Boards: All communication for the Residents is visible in one single page and shall keep changing with each communication. All Notice would be archived and can be searched through a search engine.

Document/Policy Archives: All previous communiqué on various Policies and Programmes of the Complex will be available on it Provision to segment each Document based on different classification.

Ease in Use

Though CommercialConnect would endeavor to provide initial training but its ease of access and menu driven features stand out in terms of ease of usage.

Advantage of ISMS

  • Linking all available resources for maximum utilization.
  • Interconnected stake holders viz Owners, Tenants, RWA's and Facility Managers.
  • Technology usage for Complaint Management, Bill Payment and Account Reconciliation.
  • Increase agility of interested groups to be able to respond to changing and flexible needs of the Complex.
  • Better linkages of Intra Members vis-à-vis Third Party Groups.
  • More accurate and detailed Reporting structure for Facility management.

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