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Globally there has been an influx of growing real estate and burgeoning rise of condominiums. Most of these condominiums have been built on the premises of providing world class facilities to its inmates. The builder at the time of selling its projects do promise a lot of things to its customers and carries it till the point the condo is fully occupational. The builder also has a provision to carry the facility management of the condo for a certain period of time after the possession has been handed over.

However as per the societies act applicable to most of the states in India, the facility management of the condo has to be handed over to the democratically elected body of representatives called the Residents Welfare Association or the RWA. This RWA after take over takes the responsibility of running the facility management of the condo. The challenge begins here:

The Challanges

The Builder has huge resources in itself to manage a Condominium. Usually its coffers are also filled with cash flows from other projects which can be easily manipulated to run and facilitate any Condo. Therefore they do not usually face issues of resource crunch when managing any project. However the same is not true with the elected RWA's. RWA is constituted by the people living in the Complex and the Executive Body of the RWA are elected members residing in the same complex and are genuine owners of flats and residences. They are not running the complex as a profit centre since that's not their occupation.

Resource Crunch in terms of funds is a major issue which most RWA's face. They have to cater not only to payment of the Facility Managers but also ensure that Government dues viz. Electricity and Water Taxes are all paid on time. Not always they have funds to cater to such expenses and it becomes a serious challenge for them. Besides this they also face an incessant need to have a proper Complain Management System within the Complex. This System is invariably lacking in its basic set up.

The challenge of keeping a follow up mechanism in place is yet another area which most RWA's face against which ready application is difficult to put in place. Online Payment Gateways, Online Booking of Clubs,

Online Account reconciliation, Access to Adverts, fellow interactions through Cultural events, inter member communications are some other areas of challenge for any RWA.


Tailored as Per Your Needs

Complaint Management

A steady and interactive Complaint Management System using the latest Technology wherein a member can report his/her complains online, generate a complaint Number instantly and then track his/her complain till the time it is settled. Also access reports generated each day with comments from the respective person dealing with the said complaint. Access historical data also of various complains flat wise and month wise.

Extra Features

Online Data of Members

Each condo shall be networked using this feature wherein basic data would be available to each member of the Complex. It will have certain pre determined fields which will have privacy column attached to it which will be used as per the permission granted by the Flat owner.

Extra Features

Self Revenue Generation

RWA could look to augment its own resources with mutual tie ups through CommercialConnect.

Extra Features

Member Login

Each Resident shall be eligible to have his own Login page which will enable him to connect online with his Account details viz-a-viz the RWA, his payment details, his updated statements which he/she may download. Similarly the Member could also post ads for products, book clubs, book any other facilities within the complex and could pay online. He could use his single login to manage multiple properties sitting anywhere in the World.

Extra Features

Ease of Tracking

Billing Module: Available for Admin and for Auto generation of invoices for various services provided.

Extra Features

Ease in Use

Though CommercialConnect would endeavor to provide initial training but its ease of access and menu driven features stand out in terms of ease of usage.

Extra Features
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